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Workshop 2: Dr. Erinma Ochu, ‘Stewarding the AI Commons’ profile photo

Workshop 2: Dr. Erinma Ochu, ‘Stewarding the AI Commons’

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Dr. Erinma Ochu (Manchester Metropolitan University) presented their paper 'Stewarding the AI Commons' at the second AEOLIAN workshop 'Reimagining Industry / Academic / Cultural Heritage Partnerships in AI' on Tuesday 26th October 2021.

Abstract: Industry 4.0 (hardware, software, data, AI) has the potential to shape daily lives and cultures, rapidly changing the way we learn, socialise and work. Whilst new forms of participation, value creation, and governmentality are clearly emerging in health and social care, what role might cultural AI collaborations play in destabilising centralised power, reimagining knowledge generation and cultural learning? Drawing on existing curated AI exhibits and AI arts practice, that will inform, new project, Patterns in Practice, this talk asks what shared values, stewardship and pluriversal worlds can emerge, through collaboration, beyond narrow definitions of AI.